Amazon Ads for Books

What’s better than gaining hundreds of followers online?

The answer: selling hundreds of books.

Don’t want to spend years building a readership on social media?

Run ads instead.

I have a small team dedicated to running profitable Amazon advertising campaigns for a few author clients. Depending on your goals, my team works to sell 50, 100, or even 200 books per month for our clients.

Although I have to warn you…

…my criteria for excepting new clients is high.

When I don’t set expectations high enough, you lose money.

Do you like losing money?

Me neither :-)

DONT apply if…

  • You didn’t pay money for your book cover

  • You are expecting me to turn on a magic fountain of money.

  • You want to advertise for fiction books

  • Your “book“ is a collection of copy and pasted blog posts

  • Your book is regularly priced at $.99

  • You want to start earning ALL THE MONEY starting next week

DO apply if

  • Your book is a lead for online courses, coaching, or consulting

  • Your book is a legacy project that you want to get in the hands of his many people as possible

  • You know you have a good book, but you’ve had some trouble getting sales started

  • Your book did well at launch, but now it’s sitting in the graveyard of dead books

Facebook spends your money quickly.

Amazon struggles to match that pace.

It’s simple to spend $100 and get $200 back…

…but difficult to pump the spending up and keep the same profit margin.

For that reason, I only accept clients who are selling books as part of a long term strategy.

(Think 12 months instead of 12 days).

My startup fees range between $2,000-$6,000, with a monthly retainer between $200-$750 depending on the number of books you have.

Maybe you just thought “wow, that’s too high!”

That’s cool.

If you’re looking to scrimp and save, I highly recommend you learn ads and run them yourself.

My friend Dave has an excellent free course.

If I haven’t scared you off yet, please feel free to fill out the form below.

I will get back with you in seven days at the most.

Much love as always <3

-Todd B