Hi, I'm Todd.

The best way for me to tell you about myself is to tell you about the time I almost lost myself.

When I began writing, I had a big goals, but ultimately I wound up following a two-step process:

  • Write a post

  • Pray for attention

Later, when the internet matured and creators started getting paid to post, the process changed slightly. At that time, it looked like this: 

  • Write a post

  • Pray for money

The first half of that story led me to a world of scraping together a lot of tone-deaf half-truths for thirsty self-improvement seekers. The second half led me to take a few stabs at political writing, for no other reason than because it was popular at the time. I could not have cared less about politics, but I still chased down that cash cow.

Somewhere in between drawn-out doses of dopamine from a string of fake attention metrics, I forgot a simple truth.

You write because you have something to say.

My detour wasn’t all bad. Along the way I formed amazing friendships with other writers and readers. I gained nearly 75,000 followers online. I wrote and consulted on several books. One became an Amazon bestseller. another was the 2021 Business Book of the Year. I got featured in TIME, Inc., CNBC, and various other publications. I accidentally became a darn good copywriter at my full-time job.

Although those things are nice, I'm now on a mission to do something different: 

Publish words that matter. 

Many of those words are from myself. I can't quit writing in the same way that the sky can't quit being blue.

Some of those words come from my clients. I work as a developmental editor, chiseling out concrete ideas from vague dreams, building non-fiction books that sell well and make people think.

Still others come for my students, who are learning what it takes to write a good book outline, self-publish with ease, or go deeper into their insights by taking better notes.

In a world of crypto and AI, of a video and audio, I am still obsessed with words and books.

There is no more advanced technology for understanding big ideas than a book. For the reader, they can be educational. For the writer, a revelation.

If you love words too, you’ve come to the right place.

Much love as always <3

- Todd B

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