What Do Cardi B, Malcolm Gladwell, Nancy Meyers, Ernest Hemingway, and Shakespeare have in common?

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    Good news

    I started my working life in journalism. Believe me when I say the cliché is true: “That which bleeds, leads.” If you’re looking for more doom and gloom, might I recommend literally any other place on the internet. 

    Real love

    Not the kind you’ll find on Match or Bumble or Tinder or whatever the latest app is. The kind you’ll find in the company of like-minded people who “get it.” Loneliness is a deadly condition. Refuse to accept it. 

    Writing tips

    The internet age belongs to the writers. Despite what movies and the media might suggest, good writing is not magic. And despite what most gurus preach, it isn’t belief either. Inspiration without instruction is useless. 

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    I’m Todd, an optimist who writes. When I’m not pounding letters on my keyboard, you’ll find me walking my spoiled French bulldog, drinking dandelion coffee in the kitchen with my wife Kate, or taking a bath with a book.